5 Reasons Behind Sump Pump Malfunction

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A flood can happen to any homeowner, and the last line of defense is often the sump pump.

A sump pump is a device that sits in a small inground well in your basement. Its purpose is to pump water away from your property once water around it gets to a certain level.

Sump pumps can fail or malfunction at the worse times, resulting in a basement flood and immediate need for water extraction services.

Here are 5 Ways a Sump Pump Can Malfunction

1. Sump Pump Running but There’s No Water

A sump pump that appears to be operating when no water is present is a common issue.

This happens typically because of improper installation. The pump is not connected properly to the drainage system, or the drainage system itself is damaged.

A plumber is the best person to contact to inspect this type of sump pump malfunction.

2. The Sump Pump is Clogged

Sump Pumps can easily become clogged if dirt or other debris enters the pit it sits in. Keep the pit clean of outside materials to avoid this problem.

If the sump pump becomes too dirty over time, it can clog the inner machinery and gears, resulting in a need for a full sump pump replacement.


3. Power Switch on Sump Pump is Jammed

Due to clogs or fluctuating water levels, the power switch on a sump pump can become jammed.

A plumber should inspect issues with a sump pump power switch.

4. Power Outage

The thing about basement floods is that they are often caused by severe weather. And severe weather has the habit of taking out power lines.

If you lose power during a bad rainstorm, your sump pump could fail when you need it most.

Consider investing in a small backup generator to prevent a power outage from disabling your sump pump.

5. Sump Pump Keeps Running

A sump pump that runs even when there is no water present creates a possibility of motor burnout.

Typically a broken check valve is the cause of a sump pump that doesn’t stop. The faulty check valve tells the motors to run to remove water, even if none is present.

A plumber should inspect issues related to sump pump check valves.

Who to Contact for Basement Flood Cleanup

If your sump pump has failed you and your basement has taken on water, you will need to clean up the mess quickly to avoid long term water damage and potential sewage backup. Reach out to a disaster restoration company in your area as soon as possible.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Contractors provides basement flood cleanup services in the Fort Wayne, IN area.

We can be reached 24/7 at (260) 420-1502.