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Professional dehumidification services following water damage in the Auburn, IN, area.

Immediate action and correct repair are crucial for water damage emergencies. When there’s excess water and moisture in your property, it can cause significant damage. Porous building materials absorb this moisture and it can cause them to warp and eventually decompose. If proper dehumidification and structural drying are conducted by a disaster restoration team within 48 hours of the initial damage, then the chance for long-term property damage can be decreased by a great deal. It can also lessen the possibility of mold growth.

With our quality dehumidification and structural drying services in Auburn, IN, ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors can help homes and businesses recover from water damage. Our technicians have a professional licenses with experience. They will efficiently restore and thoroughly dry out your damaged contents and property.

Within our dehumidification and structural drying services, our IICRC-certified technicians will conduct the following:

  • Dehumidification
  • Desiccant drying
  • Mold removal
  • Structural drying

Our water restoration technicians will extract the excess water and moisture from your property, dry out the damaged materials, and restore your home or business to its former state.

Emergency Response


Time is crucial for emergencies, especially with water damage. The longer that water damage goes unaddressed, the more time there is for the damage to worsen. We understand this factor, which is why we arrive quickly after your call to provide assistance.

After arriving, our technicians in Auburn, IN will do the following:

  • Equipped with the necessary dehumidification and drying equipment, we start restoration work right away.
  • We will evaluate the extent of the damage to form a thorough restoration plan.
  • Using aggressive drying techniques, our technicians will thoroughly dry your contents and property.
  • We will work efficiently to restore your home or business.

Structural Drying: Step-by-Step

At ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors, our professional technicians have the training and certification needed to conduct dehumidification and structural drying services. We are prepared to help and will begin work right away. Our technicians will assess the damage, take measurements, and determine the best solution.

Our structural drying process includes the following steps:

1. Non-Invasive Electronic Moisture Detection

We will measure your property’s moisture levels by using advanced electronic moisture detection meters. With this technology, we’re able to measure interior moisture levels without causing any property damage. These results will let us figure out the best action to take for efficient drying.

We will determine the layout and equipment needed to effectively dry your property. Our technicians do this by using several psychometric factors: saturation levels, room measurement, and calculations of thermodynamic properties for water and air vapors. We’ll monitor the process constantly through the use of moisture meters.

2. Water Extraction

Prior to drying, we need to eliminate water and excess moisture, so we’ll use advanced equipment to extract it. These actions should prevent mold growth and structural damage.

Our technicians will remove any waterlogged building materials and treat materials that are water damaged, such as drywall, ceilings, and flooring. It’s important to dry these materials properly to prevent further damage.

3. Drying Equipment

We cater our drying services to each situation, so we’ll figure out the best airflow patterns for your home or business. We’ll also be strategic in setting up the drying equipment.

Within our drying and dehumidification process, we’ll use the following equipment:

  • Industrial blowers: Industrial blowers are great for drying out properties that were damaged by a residential flood because they work in a precise manner.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers: Situations regarding extreme water saturation often use desiccant drying, as it works on a large scale. It also uses warm air that is highly controlled.
  • Moisture meters: During the drying process, we take numerous moisture measurements. To track the progress, we use infrared camera technology. This constant monitoring allows us to enhance the drying process and target better.

Call ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors for our structural drying and dehumidification services if your home or business is affected by water damage in Auburn, IN.

Call (260) 420-1502, where we are available 24/7, for our emergency drying services.

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