What to Do and What Not to Do When Dealing with Mold

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Discovering mold growth in your home can be concerning, and it is important to act immediately to prevent it from becoming a greater problem than it already is. Mold growth typically appears if there is a moisture issue in the home because the spores thrive in moist environments.

The spores will attach themselves to surfaces they can use as food sources, which is why mold growth can quickly cause such serious structural damage. Mold colonies also disperse their spores which leads to mold growth in new areas and increases the risk of health issues from exposure.

Mold has the power to not only cause you and your family health problems, but also jeopardize the structural integrity of your home if you do not act fast. If you find mold in your home, there are certain actions you must take and certain actions you need to avoid. It’s important to know how to deal with mold correctly, otherwise you may make the problem worse.

Use the following tips from our mold specialists when addressing mold growth on your property:

How to Deal with Mold

Reduce Humidity Levels

Mold needs certain environmental factors to thrive, and humidity is one of them. High levels of humidity (a.k.a. water in the air) provide mold with the levels of moisture that it needs to grow and spread. The last thing you want to do is encourage further mold growth and more damage to your home by maintaining high humidity levels in the affected areas.

Keeping the humidity level of your home between 30 and 50 percent is an effective way to prevent and halt mold growth. Use a dehumidifier in the affected areas to reduce the humidity and maintain it at a low level that won’t lead to more mold.


Turn Off Your HVAC System

When running an HVAC system, air is circulated throughout your home. But when there’s mold in your home, the HVAC system will do more than heat and/or cool your home; it will also spread the mold spores throughout your home, making the problem an even bigger issue.

Once you find a mold problem, be sure to turn off the HVAC system as well as any fans that may be running to avoid spreading the spores.

Remove Excess Moisture

Mold growth most often develops as a result of water damage. This is because the excess moisture encourages the spores to form into mold colonies, which can turn into a major mold problem in a short amount of time. If you ever notice water damage in your home due to a burst pipe, bathtub or sink overflow, or flooding, be sure to also check the surrounding areas for mold colonies that may be developing.

In the event of water damage or flooding in your home, you should identify the moisture source and get it repaired right away.

Additionally, wipe and dry up any excess water and moisture so it doesn’t lead to even more mold.

Get Professional Help

Depending on the size of the mold problem, there are some effective do-it-yourself remedies you can do to eliminate the mold. However, this isn’t usually recommended, especially because mold presents various health hazards.

These health concerns make it dangerous for you to be exposed to the fungus, making it risky to tend to mold yourself — no matter the size of the problem. You should instead get help from a professional mold removal service.

What Not to Do

Don’t Remove the Mold

If you try to remove the mold yourself, you not only increase your risk of suffering from health issues, but it could also worsen the problem. Disturbing mold can make it release more spores, allowing them to spread to new areas that were previously unaffected.

Don’t Cover Up the Mold

If you cover up the mold with paint or caulk, the mold will still be present and cause problems. It will simply be covered up instead of removed, so you aren’t solving anything.

That said, don’t waste your time and money on caulk and/or paint just to cover up mold. Invest the money in actually solving the mold issue.

Don’t Go by Affected Areas

Mold exposure can cause various health problems including coughing, throat irritation, nasal congestion, eye irritation, and more serious issues like respiratory infections. These problems can be more severe for people with immune and lung problems. You must avoid going near areas of your home affected by the fungus to help protect your health.

If you follow these tips upon finding mold growth, you give yourself and your property the best chance of overcoming the problem. Getting help from a professional mold removal expert is an essential step to take once you find mold growth.

Contact a Mold Remediation Professional

At ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors, we can help remove mold from your home with our mold remediation services. Our professionals will contain the mold growth to prevent it from spreading, and we have the proper equipment and supplies to safely remove the mold from your property.

Make sure you do not hesitate to react once you find mold in your home.  Taking the proper actions discussed above will prevent the mold problem from getting worse and protect you and your family from the health effects caused by mold.

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