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Fire damage is no easy task to handle; seeing your belongings permanently damaged from the flames and others covered in soot is extremely traumatic. Regardless of the extent of the damage, it’s important to know exactly what to do in this case as doing so can save hours of time and money during the recovery process.

As soon as the fire is extinguished and everyone is safe, don’t hesitate to call your local fire damage restoration provider. ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors is available 24/7 in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas to provide complete fire damage restoration services. Our technicians are always standing by to respond to local emergencies, using professional products and equipment to restore building materials and belongings.

As many customers have questions about the restoration process, here is a list of some of those that are frequently asked about fire damage:

What Can I Do Myself?

Fire Damage FAQYou may feel the urge to get started with the recovery process right away, trying to wipe off any smoke or soot byproducts from your belongings. But this may have the opposite effect, whereas you may only be making the damage worse.

This is why it is best to wait for the professionals to arrive as they have the right training, tools, experience, and equipment needed to restore your property and items to their original condition. What you can do while you’re waiting is set items aside that have priority over others, like TV’s and computers. This allows the technicians to save time and get to work right away.

How Long Will the Restoration Process Take?

The answer will ultimately depend on the amount of damage incurred to the property. If extensive damage was caused on multiple floors, it may take days or weeks to repair compared to a single bedroom. You also want to keep in mind that commercial buildings will take longer than homes as they must pass an inspection code with the city.

Should I Move Out of My Home During the Restoration Process?

Again, this will depend on the extent of the damage to the property. If the property structure is not stable or you are unable to turn on the water or electricity, you may want to consider relocating temporarily. But for fires that occurred in one room, it will depend on whether the noise from the equipment and/or smoke smell from the fire is too much to handle. Ultimately it is your decision whether or not you want to stay.

What Items Should I Take with Me?

You always want to keep items of high financial and personal value with you, like:

  • Coins, artwork, and family heirlooms
  • Medications
  • Cash, checkbooks, and credit cards
  • Personal documents

Should I Pack Up My Belongings?

It’s preferred that these items be restored on-site, but sometimes this isn’t possible. If the property structure is not stable to allow for the proper restoration of your belongings inside, then they will be inventoried, packed out, and delivered to our secure facility.

We may call on a specialized technician to restore any high-value items like paintings and other artwork if needed. In this case, we will work with your insurance company to find a trusted professional.

Can I Access My Items While They’re in Storage

Fire Damage QuestionsAbsolutely. It’s important that you have access to all of your belongings, especially clothes and important documents. Just be sure to call ahead and schedule a time to access them with one of our technicians. Please keep in mind that an additional charge may apply.

How Can I Inventory My Items that Need to be Replaced for the Insurance Company?

Remembering specific details of everything that needs to be replaced in your home can be difficult, but providing general information like the quantity, year purchased, and price will be sufficient for your insurance claim to cover the cost. An example is provided below:

  • 3 boxes of popcorn; 18 ounces; 2019; $8.00
  • Dresser; 2015; $300

Make sure not to forget the small things like food and toiletries as their value will also be considered under the total of the insurance check. Be sure to make a copy of this list for yourself as well.

Can I Turn on My Furnace or Air Conditioner?

No. Don’t turn on the HVAC system until it has been inspected by an HVAC technician. As the system may have incurred fire damage without you knowing or may even contain smoke and soot byproducts that will become dispersed when turning on the system, it’s best to wait in this situation.

Hiring Fire Damage Restoration Contractors

We never expect disasters to actually happen, but always being prepared for the worst can save a lot of time and money during the repairs process. Simply knowing exactly what to do can make the difference between a few hours and days of time. The most important action to take after the flames are extinguished is to call your local fire damage repair contractor.

ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors is available 24/7 in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas to provide emergency fire damage restoration services. Each of our professionals is licensed and experienced when it comes to repairing homes and buildings from fire damage. We can also provide supplemental services like emergency board ups and tarping, reconstruction, odor removal, and water damage restoration. When working with us, you can expect complete peace of mind as we work to restore your property from start to finish.

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