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Most natural disasters result in pervasive damage that affects the structural elements of your home, furnishings, and personal belongings. There is little you can do to protect all of your personal items from damage if you experience a natural disaster as water damage and flooding, fires, smoke, and mold can each cause considerable damage. Widespread damage to your personal belongings only makes dealing with a disaster worse, and many of your belongings may experience permanent damage if they are not effectively treated by property restoration services.

The disaster restoration experts of ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors understand the type of damage a natural disaster can cause to your personal content. We provide complete content cleaning and restoration services as part of our overall disaster restoration in Fort Wayne and all of Northeastern Indiana to clean and restore your damaged items. We also offer pack-out services to take your contents to our facility for cleaning and storage if your home is in serious condition and needs extensive restoration work.

Content Restoration by ServiceMaster in Fort Wayne, IN

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It is difficult to prevent damage to personal contents during a disaster because there are so many personal items within a home. Much of your personal contents including clothing, electronics, jewelry, decorative items, pictures, china, and other knick-knacks are delicate and in danger of permanent damage, unless they are properly treated quickly. In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, you must identify your damaged contents and set them aside for our technicians. We will effectively clean, restore, and deodorize all types of damaged contents with our advanced cleaning products and restoration methods.

Our technicians have the capability of completing the content cleaning and restoration within your home in the right conditions. For cases in which the home has sustained severe damage, we will bring your contents to our facility for cleaning and restoration with our pack-out services.

Pack-Out Services in Fort Wayne, IN

Our pack-out services are the best option for cleaning and restoring your damaged contents if your home is left in an unstable or unsafe condition. With our pack-out services, we will pack up each of your items for safe transport to our facility.

You can expect the following from our pack-out services in Fort Wayne, IN:

• We enter each item into our electronic inventory system to keep a detailed inventory.
• We provide you and your insurance company with a printed copy of the inventory.
• Your contents are taken to our climate-controlled facility for complete cleaning and restoration, as well as storage while your home is repaired.
• We deliver your contents right to your door when the restoration of your home is complete.

Experiencing damage to your personal items is one of the most frustrating aspects of a natural disaster which is why we are always ready to help with our content cleaning and pack-out services. Our technicians will immediately set aside your damaged items and quickly determine whether they should be packed up or cleaned on-site.

ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors is available 24/7 at (260) 420-1502 for emergency content cleaning and pack-out services in Fort Wayne and all of Northeastern Indiana.

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