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Professional dehumidification services following water damage in the Fort Wayne, IN, area

Immediate action and proper repairs are crucial when water damage emergencies occur. Porous building materials will absorb excess moisture and they can experience serious damage if they are not properly dried. With industrial dehumidification and structural drying, long-term property damage can be significantly reduced by a disaster restoration crew as long as it occurs within 48 hours of the initial harm. Additionally, such action also limits the potential for mold growth.

At ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors, we provide quality dehumidification and structural drying services to help homes and businesses in Fort Wayne, IN, recover from water damage. The professional technicians we employ are licensed and experienced and will effectively dry and restore your property and damaged contents.

The following are among the tasks our IICRC-certified technicians will perform within the dehumidification and structural drying services we provide:

  • Dehumidification
  • Structural drying
  • Desiccant drying
  • Mold removal

We will extract excess water and moisture from your property, dry damaged materials and contents thoroughly, and restore the home or business to its former condition.

Dehumidification and Drying Services in Fort Wayne, INDehumidification-and-Structural-Drying-in-Fort-Wayne-IN-ServiceMaster

Time is important for any emergency, and this goes for water damage as well. The longer water damage goes unaddressed, the more time the water has to cause further damage. At ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors, we understand this, which is why we will come to your property quickly after your call for assistance to start our restoration work.

Upon arrival, we will do the following:

  • Our technicians come equipped with industrial drying and dehumidification equipment to immediately begin the restoration process.
  • We evaluate the damage to determine its extent.
  • Using targeted drying techniques, our technicians will effectively dry your property and belongings.
  • We will efficiently restore your home or business.

Structural Drying: Step-by-Step

At ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors, our professional technicians have the necessary training and certification to conduct dehumidification and structural drying services. We are prepared to assist any properties in need and will immediately get to work upon arrival. Our technicians will evaluate the damage, take measurements, and figure out how to best restore the affected areas.

Within our structural drying process for buildings in Fort Wayne, IN, the following steps are included:

1. Non-Invasive Electronic Moisture Detection

We begin by measuring the moisture levels in the home or business using advanced electronic moisture detection meters. This technology allows us to determine the moisture levels inside building cavities and walls without needing to damage the structure. With the results, our technicians figure out the best methods to take for efficient drying.

We will figure out the necessary equipment and layout by using psychometric factors: room measurement, saturation levels, and calculations of thermodynamic properties for water and air vapors. Using non-invasive moisture meters, we then monitor the process.

2. Water Extraction

We need to extract excess water and moisture before we can dry the property. We’ll do this using advanced extraction equipment. This will prevent structural damage and mold growth.

Our technicians will get rid of waterlogged building materials to ensure we can get the airflow needed for effective drying. We’ll also address ceilings, drywall, interior walls, foundation walls, flooring, subflooring, attics, and other damaged building materials. With improper drying, these materials will become damaged further.

3. Drying Equipment

We customize our drying services to each situation. We will determine the best airflow patterns for your home or business and strategically set up drying equipment throughout the property.

During the drying and dehumidification process, we use the following equipment:

  • Industrial blowers: Industrial blowers work precisely, which is why they do well with drying flood-damaged residential properties.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers: Desiccant drying is typically used for situations with extreme water saturation because it uses highly controlled warm air and works on a large scale.
  • Moisture meters: During the drying process, we’ll take numerous moisture measurements. Using infrared camera technology, we’ll track the progress and monitor it constantly to enhance the drying process and improve targeting.

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If your home or business in Fort Wayne, IN, has sustained water damage, then get in touch with ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors for the structural drying and dehumidification services we offer.

Call us at (260) 420-1502 on a 24/7 basis for our emergency drying services.

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