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We are living in a digital age, which means that many of the most important objects in homes and offices are electronics.  Both homes and businesses keep important information stored on computers, and other electronics, such as printers, stereo equipment, and televisions are expensive to replace if they are permanently damaged.  If your electronic equipment and devices are damaged by fire, smoke, or water, they will need specialized property restoration services immediately.

ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors provides electronic restoration services to restore electronic equipment and devices for homes and businesses in Fort Wayne and all of Northeastern Indiana.  Our technicians will quickly assess and restore your electronics before they become permanently damaged.

Restore Fire and Water Damaged Electronics in Fort Wayne, IN

Water, fire, and smoke can each cause significant damage to electronics, and the damage may not be apparent right away.  Electronic devices affected by excess water or moisture need to be dried out because the water can cause a short that will result in further damage or possibly an electric shock.  Fire and smoke can also cause serious damage to electronics because they contain corrosive acids that can damage metal and plastic surfaces.  The byproducts of a fire may also be conducive which makes electronics very dangerous to use after a fire, even if they appear fine.  It is very important to have your electronics inspected and restored following a major disaster.

At ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors, we use specialized drying and restoration techniques to restore a variety of electronic equipment and devices.

Electronics Restoration in Fort Wayne, IN-ServiceMaster

Our electronics restoration process in Fort Wayne, IN includes the following steps:

  • Drying: We completely dry out electronic equipment in a controlled environment.
  • Cleaning: We will clean the damaged electronics inside and out.
  • We work with professional electronic experts to determine the extent of the damage to your electronics. If they are deemed salvageable, they will be thoroughly restored, cleaned, and deodorized.

We can effectively restore a wide variety of electronics, including:

  • Laptops and computers
  • Phones
  • Monitors
  • Printers
  • Medical equipment
  • Machinery
  • Televisions
  • Video game consoles
  • Cameras
  • Musical instruments
  • Stereo equipment

If your home or office has recently experienced damage from fire, water, or smoke, do not use any electronic devices until they are inspected and restored.  Our technicians at ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors are prepared to evaluate and restore any type of electronic device to get it back to its original condition.

You can reach us 24 hours a day at (260) 420-1502 with your electronics restoration emergencies in Fort Wayne and all of Northeastern Indiana.

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