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Excess water and moisture can cause a lot of damage. However, the damage can be even worse and more dangerous if the water involved contains sewage. Sewage consists of biohazard materials and bacteria that can result in negative health effects if not handled correctly. In such a case, the affected area needs to be cleaned and restored by a disaster restoration professional.

With our sewage cleanup services in Fort Wayne, IN, ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors can clean and restore homes and businesses that have been damaged by sewage-contaminated water. We are available on a 24/7 basis for these services and will immediately respond to your call for help. Our sewage removal technicians will prevent the water from spreading and causing further damage by working in a quick, effective manner.

Issues Caused by Sewage Backups in Fort Wayne, INSewage-Cleanup-Services-Fort-Wayne-IN

Water goes to areas of least resistance, so when there’s sewage contamination, it will make its way into cracks and concealed areas. These places are tough to access, so it’s best to seek a professional water restoration crew to help instead of making it a DIY project.

Your health and safety are also threatened if you try to clean up sewage yourself, making it even more important to get professional assistance.

Licensed Sewage Cleanup in Fort Wayne, IN

Once we receive your call for help, ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors will promptly arrive at your property to begin the cleaning process. From overflowing toilets to burst pipes, our professional technicians can handle projects of all sizes.

When we come to your home or business, our technicians address the damage source to stop it from spreading and worsening the damage. Then we extract the excess water, remove the biohazards, and get rid of the soiled building materials. While drying out the remaining areas, we will disinfect hard surfaces to eliminate the leftover pathogens and bacteria. Using advanced technology, we’ll also remove any strong odors.

The following are included within the sewage cleanup services we provide in Fort Wayne, IN:

  • Emergency Response: Following your call, we come to your property to extract the water and address the source of the damage.
  • Licensed and Trained: We employ properly trained and licensed professionals who will get rid of biohazards and dry out the damaged areas.
  • Detailed Inspection: We will perform a detailed inspection of the damaged area.
  • Sewage Cleanup: Our technicians will get rid of drywall, flooring, insulation, and other soiled building materials. Replacements for these will be ordered and installed. Any hard surfaces that remain are disinfected using powerful cleaning agents and methods. Our technicians dry out the remaining moisture using professional drying equipment, which prevents mold growth in the future.
  • Insurance Claims: To ensure the claims process goes smoothly, we work with your insurance company following the cleaning process.

Sewage Removal Done Right in Fort Wayne, IN

Call (260) 420-1502 to reach ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors for the professional sewage backup cleaning services we provide in Fort Wayne, IN.

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