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clogged gutters water damage fort wayne in

clogged gutters water damage fort wayne in

Water damage can occur in numerous ways, which is why it is known to be the most common type of property damage. When it comes to causes of water damage, many people likely think of internal issues like pipe leaks or natural flooding caused by heavy rainfall. But your home’s gutters can be another source of water damage.

Gutters are designed to help move water away from buildings, but they cannot fulfill such a function if they are clogged with foliage, trash, and other debris. Without regular gutter cleaning, debris will build up inside them. This clogs the gutters and blocks water from flowing through the gutters and out the downspout.

In such a situation, water will run through the gutter until it encounters the blockage and then overflows, running over the side of the gutter. The water then accumulates near the building’s foundation instead of being directed away toward the proper drains. When water pools up, it can leak through cracks into the property and result in serious water damage.

Flooding in the basement, however, is just one potential problem that may arise due to gutter overflows. They can also damage to the siding, cause foundations to crack, and ruin landscaping. Additionally, irregular gutter cleaning can be just one reason for gutter overflow.

If you have been experiencing overflow issues with your gutters, then continue reading for some tips on how to fix gutters that overflow.

Clean Gutters Regularly

As aforementioned, gutters that have not been cleaned can easily overflow. Leaves and other debris can find their way into your home’s gutters and will stay there if not removed. Eventually, more debris will accumulate and act as a blockage for any water that tries to run through the gutter. The water will flow over the side of the gutter instead of running out through the downspout.

With regular gutter cleaning, you can avoid clogged gutters and gutter overflow. At the very least, it is recommended that you clean out your gutters twice a year. When you clean out your gutters, it is also a good time to inspect them for any damage or deterioration. Damaged gutters may not lead to gutter overflow, but it can still lead to water damage concerns.

Check Gutter Position

If your gutters are clean but still overflow, then you should check to see how they are positioned. First, check to see whether your gutters are tilted away from or toward your roof. If they are tilted away, then this positioning might be causing water to flow over the edge. This positioning needs to be adjusted.

Next, check the slope of your gutters, which is also known as its pitch. Gutters that are positioned too flat can make it tougher for water to be directed toward its downspouts. Gutters that are positioned too steep can cause water to move so swiftly that it splashes out and over the sides before it reaches the downspouts.

Install Bigger Gutters

Sometimes the gutters already installed for your home are not sufficient at handling the rainfall your area experiences. In such a case, you can find bigger gutters at many hardware stores and install those as replacements for the existing ones. This will prevent gutter overflow and provide more space for runoff water in the gutters.

Add Splash Guards

If the roof of your home is too steep, then the water that runs off it might be traveling at such a high speed that it moves right over the edge and never gathers in the gutters. In such a situation, you can resolve the gutter overflow by adding splash guards to your gutters.

Splash guards are L-shaped pieces, often made of metal, that are installed at the corners of the gutters. The pieces add some height to the gutter and help guide the water into the gutter which makes it tougher for any runoff water to flow over it.

Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

If your home has experienced water damage due to gutter overflow, then you need to seek professional help right away. The longer water damage goes unaddressed, the worse it will become. Furthermore, water damage can also encourage mold growth.

ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors provides professional water damage restoration services in Fort Wayne, IN, and the neighboring areas of northeastern Indiana to help homes and businesses that have sustained damage by water. Our professional technicians will arrive promptly at your home to inspect the damage and begin the restoration process. From there, we will extract the excess water, thoroughly dry the affected areas, and clean and restore the property. If mold has grown in response to the water damage, then we can provide mold remediation services.

With our professional water damage help, your home will be clean, safe, and free of excess water once again.