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As we enter the year 2021, we are reminded how cold the winters in Fort Wayne can be. The average low temperature in the Fort Wayne, IN area is about 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means it’s time to prepare for freezing pipes and potential pipe burst emergencies.

ServiceMaster Restoration by Contractors wants to ensure residents in the Fort Wayne, Marion, New Haven, Auburn, and other surrounding communities in Indiana are aware of steps that can help prevent pipes from freezing this winter.

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Frozen Pipesfrozen pipe burst fort wayne indiana

Add extra insulation

Additional layers of insulation can be added around the pipes themselves, or even throughout the areas in your home that house the pipes such as in your garage, crawlspace, or basement.

Shut off water during very cold weather

If temperatures are expected to dip particularly low, it might be best to shut off water sources and disconnect hoses from appliances (such as washing machines).

It’s also a good idea to shut off water appliances and even your main water valve if you plan to be away from the home for an extended period of time.

Turn on water gently

If you do plan on running a faucet in your home during extremely cold weather, it’s best to turn these on slowly. This will introduce the motion of water gently as opposed to rushing it and causing a possible burst.

Running water routinely can also help avoid frozen pipes as it keeps the water moving instead of settling and turning to ice.

Open cabinets and cupboards

An open cabinet, such as the ones that house pipes under your kitchen or bathroom sink, will allow air and heat to circulate around the fixtures. This can help avoid freezing in the pipes.

Who to Call During a Frozen Pipe Burst in Fort Wayne, IN

A frozen pipe burst will send a gush of water that can quickly flood your home and cause extensive water damage. It’s critical to get the water extracted as soon as possibly by a professional flood cleanup crew.

ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors provides water extraction and flood cleanup services in Fort Wayne, IN, Auburn, IN, New Haven, IN, and other surrounding areas. Our water restoration crews are available 24/7 to respond to frozen pipe burst emergencies.

Call us at (260) 420-1502 for a fast response to your water damage emergency.