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Since 1975, ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors has been providing the homes and businesses of New Haven, IN with emergency disaster restoration and cleaning services. We are proud to be a leading provider of the industry as we continue to attend ongoing training sessions to remain updated on the latest trends.

Our technicians also use the latest equipment and products to ensure the best results. This equipment can address everything that includes mold growth, severe accidents, fires, floods, and more. Regardless of the natural disaster, our technicians will restore the damaged building materials and contents to their original conditions as quick and efficiently as possible.

Our disaster restoration services cover all of the following:

If any natural disaster has left your property in critical condition, don’t hesitate to give us a call for any of the services listed above.

We are available 24/7 at (260) 420-1502 in New Haven, IN as well as the rest of the northeastern Indiana area.

As we are more than proud to be helping families and businesses in need, we at ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors dedicate ourselves to ensuring quality results in a timely manner.

Water Damage Cleanup – New Haven, INWater Damage Cleanup – New Haven, IN

When excess water and moisture build up within a property, they can cause a number of damages, especially for porous materials. It can even spread to other areas, threatening mold growth along the way. In this situation, don’t hesitate to call ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors for immediate water damage restoration services in New Haven, IN. Our technicians are available 24/7 and will respond immediately to your first call. In this sense, these services will cover the water extraction, drying process, structural repairs, and odor removal procedures. We will also work with your insurance provider after the service to ensure a smooth claims process.

Fire Damage Restoration – New Haven, IN 46773Fire Damage Restoration – New Haven, IN

Fire can be extremely dangerous as they are destructive, spreading as soon as they are start. Even after the flames have been put out, the smoke and soot can cause etching, discoloration, and tarnishing to any materials that were affected by the fire. Our technicians understand the urgency to start the repairs process, which is why ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors is available 24/7 in New Haven, IN to provide homes and buildings with fire and smoke damage restoration services. Each of our professionals is IICRC-certified and trained to respond immediately, assess the damage, stabilize, clean, and restore it to its original condition. We can also remove smoke and soot byproducts from personal contents. Give us a call as soon as you notice the damage.

Mold Removal – New Haven, 46773Mold Removal – New Haven, IN

As soon as it starts, mold can be a dangerous problem for everyone. It can also continue to spread to infect other areas of the property, releasing its spores into the air. They can also travel through the air ducts, infecting the HVAC system as well. But the mold remediation services provided by ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors cover all areas of the property, removing each case at its source. As soon as our technicians arrive, we will contain the damage within the area, preventing it from spreading. We can also conduct any structural repairs and eliminate any odors to completely restore the area. We will then work with your insurance provider, if you decided to file a claim, to ensure a smooth process.

Document Restoration – 46773, INDocument Restoration – New Haven, IN

Both home and business owners have important documents that may have been damaged by a natural disaster. Everything including birth certificates, social security cards, licenses, permits, passports, and more. Documents like these can be difficult, costly, and stressful to replace, but our technicians can restore them immediately after a disaster. ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors provide document restoration services in New Haven, IN so you don’t have to worry about replacing them afterwards. But it is absolutely crucial to call us right away as the damage can become permanent over time. We are available 24/7.

Electronics Restoration – New Haven, INElectronics Restoration – New Haven, IN

Today’s world is only becoming more filled with electronics and technology, and that means more that can be severely damaged during a disaster. Fires, flooding, and other accidents cannot only cause them damage, but can make them dangerous if turned on with contaminants inside. To avoid this mess, don’t hesitate to reach out to ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors for electronics restoration services in New Haven, IN. Our technicians are both licensed and experienced when restoring electronics of all types. Whether the job involves drying them out or removing smoke and soot byproducts, we can return as many as possible to their original conditions. This way, you can save money from buying brand-new equipment.

Contents Restoration and Pack Outs – New Haven, 46773Contents Restoration and Pack Outs – New Haven, IN

Natural disasters and other accidents can cause more destruction than just to the building materials. Many properties contain high-value contents, including important documents, jewelry, assets, electronics, artwork, and more. When they become severely damaged, it can be costly and stressful to replace them. But ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors provides professional content cleaning and pack out services for commercial and residential properties in New Haven, IN. Our technicians will help you determine which items are best to restore and replace, then either clean them on-site or pack, deliver, and clean them at our climate-controlled facility. Our pack-out services ensure to take extreme care of your belongings, handling them as if they were our own and returning them to their original conditions. We will also work with your insurance provider throughout the process.

Storm and Wind Damage Cleanup – 46773, INStorm and Wind Damage Cleanup – New Haven, IN

The Midwest can experience some extreme storms and wind throughout the year. Everything including tornadoes, thunderstorms, and similar disasters can tear properties apart. They can also throw around debris, rip off roofing and siding, and cause large objects to fall on the property. But ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors provides storm and wind damage restoration in New Haven, IN that will repair all of the damages caused by the storm. Whether your roof needs repair or replacement from a hailstorm or a tree has fallen on your home, our licensed technicians are available 24/7 to get the job done right the first time. We can also stabilize property structures and board up the home if the property is at risk of secondary damage.

Deodorization – New Haven, INDeodorization – New Haven, IN

Natural disasters of all kinds can leave behind odors. Whether musty or smoky, they can be hard to ignore due to their potency. They can also be hard to remove as you may have already tried vinegar and baking soda without getting results. Odors like these will require professional equipment, such as those used in the deodorization services from ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors. Our experienced technicians are available in New Haven, IN to completely wipe out lingering odors after a flood, fire, or mold infestation. With our equipment, you can be sure that all furnishings, walls, and floors, will be completely rid of the smells so you can get back your daily routine.

Interior and Exterior Construction – New Haven, IN 46773Interior and Exterior Construction – New Haven, IN

While not many expect it, the worst tragedy for property owners is finding their home or building in critical condition after a disaster. Seeing collapsed walls, black, burnt floors and ceilings, caved in roofs, and destroyed contents can be more than just stressful. But it is crucial to take action right away and call ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors for 24/7 interior and exterior construction services if the property is in the New Haven, IN area. Our licensed contractors are trained and experienced to respond immediately, providing the board up, tarping, and repair services you need to have your property fully restored to its original condition. Our team consists of a number of specialists with experience in carpentry, painting, electrical work, plumbing, handiwork, and more. With our services, you can expect the peace of mind you need as quickly as possible.

Dehumidification-and-Structural-Drying-in-New-Haven-INDehumidification and Structural Drying – New Haven, IN

Water and excess moisture can seriously damage properties, which is why immediate action is crucial. Porous building materials and furnishings absorb water which results in structural damage and possible mold growth. The longer the water goes unaddressed, the more damage it will cause. To prevent mold growth and long-term damage, proper drying needs to be done within 48 hours of the initial damage. At ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors, we provide dehumidification and structural drying services in New Haven, IN, that help residential and commercial properties recover from water damage. After your call for help, we’ll promptly come to your property to start extracting the water and completely dry out the property and its structure.

Sewage-Cleanup-Services-New-Haven-INSewage Backup Cleaning – New Haven, IN

Water contaminated with sewage is a major problem in a home or building. The sewage, which contains bacteria and pathogens, will cause serious damage in addition to the harm done by the water and the harmful materials within the sewage can spread illness or infection. It is best to seek professional cleaning help to have the sewage water safely removed. At ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors, we provide sewage backup cleaning services in New Haven, IN to help residential and commercial properties recover from damage done by water and sewage. Following your call, our technicians will arrive to your home or business promptly to begin restoration work. We will remove and replace soiled building materials, disinfect the property, and ensure the affected areas have been dried thoroughly.

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