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Water damage is nearly unavoidable for homes and buildings. From rain to flooding to leaks, many things can cause water damage, making it one of the biggest problems for building materials. As water damage spreads and remains untreated, it becomes more serious and can result in permanent damage. As such, it’s important to tend to water damage immediately by calling a disaster restoration company.

ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors is a local business that provides professional water damage restoration services in New Haven, IN and Northeastern Indiana.  We are an IICRC-certified water mitigation firm and have been in this business since 1975 and have experience with the water restoration of commercial and residential properties, so we can ensure our water mitigation services are effective and satisfactory.

If the water contains sewage material, our ServiceMaster team is equipped to perform total sewage removal as well.

Water Damage Restoration in New Haven, IN by ServiceMaster

When water spreads through porous materials, it can lead to severe water damage — regardless of the amount of water. Even if you do your best to prepare for things like flood damage, sometimes the results are inevitable.Water Damage Restoration for New Haven, IN

When water is absorbed by carpeting, drywall, flooring, and other surfaces, such surfaces can become discolored, swell, and warp. A building’s structure can also become permanently damaged.

If left untreated, the damaged area starts to smell. The musty odor it gives off comes from a combination of bacteria, cellulose, and excess moisture in the porous materials.

The mold then becomes a problem, forming within 48 hours of the damage. The mold scatters its spores throughout the air and affects new materials.

This is why our flood cleanup professionals are trained to implement mold remediation services as well.

Any questions concerning our plans for water damage services can be addressed by calling our emergency water damage restoration service number at (260) 420-1502.

Flood Cleanup in New Haven, IN

If you have done everything possible to prevent water damage but water has still found its way in, it may be time to contact a professional. The water damage restoration technicians we employ at ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors use state-of-the-art water extraction equipment and techniques, so they can work with all kinds of water damage.

We can remove any amount of water, such as standing floodwater, and will restore furnishings and surfaces damaged in the affected area.

Our ServiceMaster water restoration services in New Haven, IN include:flooded-basement-new-haven,IN

Free Estimate Water Damage Restoration in New Haven, IN

The sooner water damage can be treated, the better, because there’s less time for the damage to spread and worsen. Knowing this, we, at ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors are available to provide water damage restoration services 24/7 in New Haven, IN.

We will respond to customers as soon as possible by arriving at a home or building in a timely manner with all the water mitigation equipment necessary. Our ServiceMaster water damage repair crew will treat the water-damaged area and restore the property to its original condition.

Get a free quote by calling us at (260) 420-1502, where we are available 24/7 to start the water damage restoration process immediately.

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