Fall Maintenance Tips to Prevent Water Damage

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With the warm weather starting to cool off, it won’t be long till we start to notice the leaves fall and start layering our clothing. As pleasant as the idea of hot drinks and bon fires is, be sure to prepare your home for the fall before all of this takes place.

Preparing your outdoors area for fall:

Looking over your roof to check for damage is crucial. Any missing shingles, cracks or other gaps must be repaired or replaced. Should you leave these things untouched there’s a possibility of experiencing water damage through a leak that can lead to distort the structure of your home and the electronics within it.

Water Damage Restoration by ServiceMaster by Restoration ContractorsAlong with checking your roof, it’s also important to clean out your gutters by removing any twigs, leaves, and nests. Letting these things build up in your gutters only makes it easier for leaks and clogs to occur.

Lastly, it’s a good idea to make sure your windows and doors are waterproofed and can close firmly. This way you’re guaranteed to stop any moisture from building up or making its way into your home.

Preparing the inside of your home for fall:

When it comes to preparing the inside of your home, a good place to start is by insulating any exposed pipes. No matter where your pipes are located, all pipes are susceptible to freezing temperatures. Aside from insulating them, it’s also crucial to fix any leaks (if there are any) as well as lowering your water pressure. Having high water pressure places a lot of stress on your pipes increasing the likelihood of a burst or leak.

Next, it’s important to look over any appliances in your home such as refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. These appliances all have water hoses and pipes that can wear out throughout the years that make them more prone to leaks and mold damage.

Another way to ensure your home is safe and stable this fall is to replace any and all batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Lastly, get that fireplace checked too. Be sure to schedule a professional chimney cleaner on an annual basis. They’ll be able to repair any damaged bricks and spot cracks that may not be obvious to us. This is also crucial because your chimney and roof are connected therefore your fireplace is also susceptible to a leakage.

Hopefully, these tips help you keep your home safe and free of water damage this fall. Should you require water damage restoration, you can trust the experts at ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors to get the job done and prevent any mold growth from occurring!