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testing for mold and moisture

testing for mold and moisture

It is important to understand that mold is everywhere, all the time.

If you buy a mold testing kit and it detects spores, that is absolutely normal.

What matters is the type and quantities of mold that is detected.

These results, typically done during professional mold inspection, will inform you whether you have a mold growth problem and if there is an active moisture source somewhere on the property.

Here are the most common causes of moisture issues that lead to mold in homes:

  • Hidden water leaks or neglected leaks such as in the basement, ceilings, or behind walls
  • No vapor barriers or badly done insulation, common in older homes
  • Bathroom fans that vent into the attic instead of outdoors, causing attic mold growth
  • Poor ventilation throughout the house
  • Weather that shifts from high humidity to low humidity frequently

Now, these issues can mean just a patch of mold here or there that you can cut out and then disinfect the affected area yourself.

But when it comes to how the home was built, poor ventilation, and neglected water leaks, you will likely require an extensive mold remediation plan done by professionals.

Your concerns should lie in whether mold growth is visibly present, and how your home’s current condition is encouraging that mold growth.

Have your mold inspection done by mold abatement specialists or a industrial hygienist.

If the results are worrisome, it is then time to contact a mold removal service.

Professional Mold Cleanup and Mold Abatement

If you live in the New Haven, IN area, ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors can provide mold remediation services with flexible, 24/7 availability.

We are an IICRC-certified firm and our mold abatement team will be able to locate all mold growth on your property, contain it, and effectively eliminate it.

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