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Dehumidification-Warsaw,INProfessional dehumidification services following water damage in the Warsaw, IN, area

When it comes to water damage emergencies, it’s imperative to act immediately and make the proper repairs to your property. Water can be disastrous, causing significant damage as porous building materials absorb the water. These building materials will become weakened and warped as they absorb water and can experience structural damage or mold growth. Industrial dehumidification and structural drying within 48 hours by a disaster restoration crew can lessen the amount of long-term damage and limit the chance of mold growth.

With our quality dehumidification and structural drying services, ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors can help homes and businesses in Warsaw, IN, in the aftermath of water damage. Our experienced, licensed professional technicians will work efficiently to dry out and restore your residential or commercial property.

We provide the following dehumidification and structural drying services:

  • Structural drying
  • Dehumidification
  • Desiccant drying
  • Mold removal

Our process includes removing water and excess moisture, drying out affected contents and materials, and restoring your property to its previous state.

Dehumidification Services by ServiceMaster

Water damage is an emergency and the longer you wait to address the water, the more damage there will be. We at ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors understand how water damage spreads which is why we will come to your home to start the water restoration work quickly after your call.

We will conduct the following as part of our dehumidification services:

  • Equipped with industrial dehumidification and drying equipment, our technicians will begin the restoration process right away.
  • To determine the extent of the damage, our technicians will evaluate the harm done.
  • With targeted drying techniques, our technicians thoroughly dry the affected property and contents.
  • Our technicians will efficiently restore the damaged areas of your property.

Structural Drying: Step-by-Step

With proper training and certification, our professional technicians at ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors are able to provide quality dehumidification and structural drying services. We will begin our services upon arrival, evaluating the damage and determining the best way to restore the damage.

Our structural drying process in Warsaw, IN includes the following steps:

1. Non-Invasive Electronic Moisture Detection

To measure the moisture levels, our technicians use advanced electronic moisture detection meters. These meters allow us to determine the moisture within building cavities and walls without harming your home or business. The result helps us figure out how to efficiently dry the property.

We use saturation levels, calculations of thermodynamic properties for water and air vapors, and room measurements to determine the layout and equipment needed to effectively dry your property. Afterward, our technicians use non-invasive moisture meters to constantly monitor the process.

2. Water Extraction

Before structural drying can occur, our technicians must remove excess water and moisture, which we’ll do using advanced equipment. Quick water extraction should help prevent mold growth or structural damage.

We remove waterlogged building materials to create the proper airflow needed for effective drying. Any other water-damaged materials will also be treated to prevent additional damage.

3. Drying Equipment

Our drying services are customized to best fit each situation. Our technicians figure out the best airflow patterns and strategically place drying equipment throughout the damaged property.

We use the following equipment for our drying and dehumidification process:

  • Industrial blowers: Working in a precise manner, industrial blowers are great for drying properties that have been affected by a residential flood.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers: Desiccant drying works using highly controlled warm air and on a large scale, making it great for extreme water saturation situations.
  • Moisture meters: Throughout the drying process, our technicians take moisture measurements and use infrared camera technology to track the progress.

Contact ServiceMaster in Warsaw, IN

Reach out to ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors for the structural drying and dehumidification services we provide in Warsaw, IN, if your home or business has been damaged by water. For our emergency drying services, call us at (260) 420-1502 at any time of the day.

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