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On its own, water damage can result in serious issues, but this damage is worse and more dangerous if the water contains sewage. When the water spreads throughout the property, the sewage will cause damage of its own, as well as infection and disease without proper handling. If this happens, then you need to have a professional disaster restoration crew work on the affected area to restore it.

ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors provides sewage cleanup in Warsaw, IN. Available 24/7, our sewage cleanup technicians will respond to your call for help promptly. We will arrive at your home or business equipped to effectively remove sewage water and restore the damaged area.

Sewage Backup Cleaning in Warsaw, INSewage-Cleanup-Services-Warsaw-IN

In situations concerning sewage contamination, water makes its way to areas of least resistance. It enters cracks and hidden spots behind building materials, which are difficult to reach. The damage will get worse and the bacteria and odors will continue to linger if untreated.

Because sewage water is difficult and dangerous to clean up, it should not be a DIY project. A professional water restoration team will have the equipment and expertise necessary to perform safe and effective sewage cleanup on your property.

The presence of biohazards threatens your health, safety, and well-being. As such, you need to seek professional help for cleaning and restoration.

Sewage Removal in Warsaw, IN

Following your call, ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors will come to your home or business to begin cleaning work. No matter the damage’s extent, our professionals are prepared to clean up and restore your property.

Upon arrival, we address the source of the sewage to prevent it from spreading further. Then, our technicians extract the excess water, get rid of biohazard materials, and remove building materials that have been soiled. When the rest of the property is drying out, we’ll disinfect the hard surfaces so that any leftover pathogens and bacteria are eliminated. If any strong odors remain, we’ll use advanced technology to remove them.

The following are included within our sewage cleanup services in Warsaw, IN:

  • Emergency Response: After your call for help, our technicians go to your home or business to address the source of the damage and remove the standing water.
  • Licensed and Trained: Our trained and licensed professionals will thoroughly dry out the property and remove biohazards.
  • Thorough Inspection: After addressing the damaged source, we will thoroughly inspect the area.
  • Sewage Cleanup: Any soiled building materials are removed and replaced while the remaining hard surfaces will be disinfected. The disinfection will be done by using powerful cleaning agents and processes. Then we use professional drying equipment to dry out the rest of the moisture which prevents future mold growth.
  • Insurance Claims: After the cleaning process, our technicians work with our insurance provider to help make the claims process go smoothly.

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Call ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors at (260) 420-1502 to seek help with the professional sewage backup cleaning services we offer in Warsaw, IN.

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