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Water damage is a common disaster for many home and business owners, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether it’s a basement flood or burst pipes, water damage can start and spread in seconds, threatening mold growth by the hour and resulting in high restoration costs.Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage ServiceMaster

In instances like these, a professional water damage restoration contractor must be called immediately to repair the affected area. ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors is available 24/7 in the Fort Wayne, IN area to extract any and all standing water and repair the structural damage. Our technicians are also licensed and experienced to provide professional mold removal. Everything from reconstruction to water damage repair to odor removal, we will ensure that both your property and peace of mind are restored.

Have questions about water damage restoration? Here is a list of some of our most common questions asked by our customers:

What Causes Water Damage?

Water damage is caused by a number of sources, including the following:

  • Burst and leaking pipes
  • Burst and leaking appliances
  • Overflowing gutters
  • Roof leaks
  • Sewage backups
  • Poorly constructed bathtubs and/or wearing away of the grout

Regardless of where the water damage had occurred and what caused it, never hesitate to reach out to your water damage restoration company for emergency services.

What Are the Common Signs of Water Damage?

  • Discoloration: Check to see if there are any signs of discoloration on your walls or ceilings, especially wet or dark spots. This is usually a big sign when there is water damage in the house.
  • Cracking and flakingThe paint materials on the wall or your wallpaper could bubble and start to crack. Eventually it will warp or become bloated. When you start to see signs of cracks, make sure you check early on so it doesn’t evolve into a bigger problem.
  • Stains: When there is a slow, consistent leak, a yellow-brownish stain will likely form near the source of the water leak. Generally, you can find these stains in the rooms with a lot of water usage, such as laundry room, bathrooms, and basements. If you see stains like this in the house, make sure to call a plumber first because it is likely that there is a repeated issue with the plumbing.Water damaged ceiling
  • Pooling water: Sometimes water could be accumulate here and there, and mopping it dry usually solves the problem. It becomes an issue if you repeatedly have to mop a certain spot in the house — definitely a sign that a pipe has leaked or burst.
  • Sound of running water: When you turn off all water sources in the house and still hear running water that are off from normal, for example like a rushing water sound or slow dripping that you don’t usually hear. Then you might have a problem.
  • Increase in utility bills: If the water usage in the house stays constant and suddenly you see a spike on the utility bill that is unusual. Compare it with last year’s average bill, take consideration of the fluctuation of different months and seasons. This could be due to water damage or a leakage in pipe somewhere.
  • Musty or damp smells & Visible mold: This is a very distinct smell, hard to miss. Often, it is accompanied by mold due to the exposure to moisture. Sewage could also be backed up in the pipes.

If you have noticed any of these signs and is unsure whether or not there is water damage, you can always call a professional to check out the area. The earlier you act and address the problem, the lower the damage it does to your property.

How Can I Prevent Water Damage?

You can prevent water damage with proper maintenance of your property. Ensuring these do not cause an issue can be vital towards preventing a disaster.

Here are some recommended inspections that should be made frequently:

  • Finding any issues with the septic tank
  • Showing everyone in the home where the main water shutoff is located on the property
  • Keeping an eye on the water bill; a sudden increase in one month can make a big difference
  • Finding any black spots on the walls or musty smells on the property

If you find any mold growth in your home, be sure to contact ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors as we also provide professional mold remediation. We will ensure that the affected area is contained while eliminating the risk for the spores to spread and trigger health issues.

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My Crawlspace is Flooded. What is a Crawl Space and How Do I Fix It?

Crawlspaces are the areas below homes that allow workers to reach the plumbing and electrical wiring to the home. When this area becomes damaged with water, the professionals will proceed with a different plan of action based on the source of the disaster.

If there was a sewage backup on the property, sewer gas evacuators are used to fix the issue. If the crawlspace was affected by mold, it will be contained and removed by professionals while clearing the area of harmful mold spores.

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What are the Effects of Water Damage?

Water damage has the potential to create all sorts of damage to homes and buildings, including the following:

  • Decreased property value from the damage
  • Hefty costs in water damage restoration and other services if needed
  • Chipped paint and/or wallpaper
  • Destroyed carpets and rotting wood floors
  • Mold growth and musty smells

What is Involved in Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration What to KnowWater damage restoration involves a variety of steps including the following:

  • The damaged area is inspected to identify and remove the source of the water
  • Professional water extraction equipment is used to remove all excess water from the area
  • The drying process starts, using powerful dehumidifiers and fans
  • All mold growth is removed
  • Structural repairs, air duct cleaning, and deodorization are done as needed
  • Final inspection
  • Working with your insurance company during the claims process

Problems with Mold and Water Damage

No hesitation should ever be taken when discovering water damage on your property. It may start out small and/or hidden but it has the potential to spread to additional areas, threatening mold growth and permanent damage.

Once mold starts, it consumes building materials while dispersing its spores into the breathing air in search of other materials to harvest. As these spores travel through the air, people can experience a range of negative health effects when inhaling them. Everything from coughing, sneezing, and even breathing problems can be triggered.

Water Damage Repair Services

This is why it’s important to address water and mold damage immediately. ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors is available throughout the Fort Wayne, IN area to provide a range of restoration services for homes and buildings, including water damage repair, mold removal, deodorization, reconstruction, and much more. Our technicians are each licensed, trained, and dedicated to restoring your property and peace of mind by working efficiently and effectively.

Emergency Response

Call ServiceMaster by Restoration Contractors at (260) 420-1502 if you home or building near Fort Wayne, IN has been affected with severe water or mold damage.